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  • Darwin Beef Processing Facility

AACo's farming unit operates 18,900 hectares of dryland cropping and 2,300 hectares of irrigation and across four diverse properties within Queensland and the Northern Territory. Queensland properties include Wylarah Farm at Surat, Lynora Downs Farm at Rolleston, Goonoo Farm at Comet and in the Northern Territory - Tipperary Station.

Forage and fodder crops are produced and utilised by the feedlot and grazing units and cash cropping is also a major component.

Irrigated Cropping
AACo's 2,300 hectares of irrigation has been designed to exceed industry best practice, with water use efficiency as its main criteria.

While the majority of the irrigated area is based on a gravity fed furrow system, our Lynora Downs property uses a lateral move irrigator across its 150 hectares. These developments have been designed to maximise the use of the property's superior soil types homologating uniform soil types into management zones to improve water management and nutrient efficiencies.

Storages totaling 30,000 megalitres across its Goonoo, Lynora Downs and Wylarah properties, consisting of predominantly high flow water harvesting, service the irrigated cropping area using highly efficient flood lifter pumps and high capacity gravity off-take.

 Principal Crops

  • Irrigated and dryland cotton
  • Corn (grain, silage)
  • Sorghum (grain, hay and silage)
  • Wheat
  • Chickpeas

These crops are grown in rotation to facilitate sustainable soil management and long-term production. This rotation policy coupled with zero till and reduced tillage practices maximise the retention of crop residues as a compost addition. The incorporation of feedlot manure at various sites enhances the build-up of soil carbons. Constant soil health improvements and our sustainable cropping systems ensure our long term sustainability.

The geographic spread of properties and crop mix allows us to increase market opportunities whilst maximizing return on investment.

Crop Management
AACo is focused on using the most advanced farming technologies available.  These include GPS autosteer, yield monitoring and intensive soil testing.

Our irrigation scheduling is done via remote access in-field moisture probes and crop specific computer software. Channel and storage level telemetry can be accessed via smart phone, laptop or desktop from any location. Additionally, weather stations are integrated into our water scheduling programs allowing evapotranspiration and actual in-field rainfall to be assessed, improving the accuracy of irrigation scheduling.

Industry Involvement
As a leader in the agricultural industry, AACo is focused on best management practices and on continuous innovation. AACo is an active participant in the Cotton Australia BMP programme, which is focused on growing cotton in harmony with our natural environment.

We collaborate with local consultants to participate regional specific crop trials and are also involved in Pioneer Seeds' corn and sorghum breeding programme. Our use of Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning Systems allows accurate seed and fertilizer placement based on yield mapping to improve both yield and reduce costs.