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Our Properties

Our company is continually looking to improve the productive capacity and efficiency of land resources.  This will be achieved through strategic infrastructure development such as additional waters and fencing, grazing management systems and additional yards, holdings paddocks and laneways.

Breeding properties are located in safer rainfall areas and are generally operated as large scale low cost operations.

Growing properties are located in higher value feed zones located in diverse geographic regions on route to markets or feedlots.

Backgrounding/Farming properties are located in highly productive rainfall areas to ensure consistency of cattle supply to the feedlots.  AACo farming operations are run in conjunction with backgrounding properties to improve reliability of feed pools and provide commodities for the feedlots.

AACo runs two of Australia's major feedlots, these are Goonoo Feedlot located at Comet in Central Queensland and Aronui Feedlot located at Dalby on the central Darling Downs.  Average capacities of these feedlots sees AACo with about 30,000 head on feed at any one time. 

The feedlots are used by the company to maximise the finishing potential of the cattle bred by the stations as well as provide a measure of drought mitigation. The most important function of the feedlot system is the ability to produce prime cattle to a consistent high quality all year round.

Northern Territory

Anthony Lagoon is located approximately 440km north east from Tennant Creek.

Eva Downs, which borders on the western side of Anthony Lagoon, is located approximately 300km north east from Tennant Creek. The two properties are set in the hub of the Northern Territory's Barkly Tablelands on the historic Barkly Stock route.

Anthony Lagoon and Eva Downs are involved in the breeding, backgrounding and trade of high-grade Brahman cross cattle, which are turned off predominantly for live export.

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Avon Downs is 70km west of Camooweal, Queensland and 250km north west of Mount Isa.

Austral Downs, which borders Avon, spans the Northern Territory and Queensland border and situated 100km south west of Camooweal and 300km west of Mount Isa.

Both properties are breeding stations, running predominantly Santa Gertrudis cattle.

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Brunette Downs is situated in the middle of the Barkly Tableland and is located 350km north east of the nearest town, Tennant Creek and 660km northwest of Mount Isa in Queensland which serves as the station's main service town. The property, which comprises of mostly open downs country, is involved in the breeding and backgrounding of the companies Barkly Composite, as well as Santa Gertrudis and Brahman cattle.

Brunette Downs is well known because of the ABC or Brunette Races, an outback racing carnival which is held annually in June. 

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Camfield Station is located in the Victoria River District, 375km south west of Katherine and 695km south of Darwin. 

The property runs approximately  predominantly Brahman cattle and is both a breeding station and a growing out depot for the weaners from Montejinni and Delamere Stations.

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Delamere Station is located in the Victoria River district, 170km south west of Katherine and 500km south of Darwin.

Delamere is a breeding station, running predominantly Brahman cattle.

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La Belle is located approximately 180km south west of Darwin.

La Belle is an aggregation of Labelle Downs and Welltree Station.

La Belle will be utilised for floodplain trading as it is strategically positioned to ensure continuity of supply to AACo's Beef Processing Facility in Darwin through both wet and dry seasons.


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Montejinni Station is located in the Victoria River District, 320km south west of Katherine and 640km south of Darwin. 

The property,  is a breeding station running predominantly Brahman cattle.


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Pell is approximately 50kms from AACo's Beef Processing Facility and approximately 90 kms from the Port of Darwin. This aggregation will provide an assembly point for cattle, enabling cattle to be sent to optimal destinations including live export, back grounding blocks or processing at AACo's Processing Facility.

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90 km south of Darwin and 50 km south of AACo's Northern Beef Processing Facility, this aggregation will provide an assembly point for cattle, enabling cattle to be sent to optimal destinations including live export, back grounding blocks or processing at AACo's Processing Facility.

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Aronui is the oldest commercial feedlot in Australia. It was established in 1964 and purchased by AACo in 2002.

The Feedlot is situated on a basalt ridge near Dalby in Queensland and is fortunate to draw its water supply from underground bores in the Great Artesian Basin. 

Aronui is situated in a Grain Belt on the rich and fertile Darling Downs. Commodities used include sorghum, barley, wheat, corn, straw, hay, and liquid supplement, most of which are being sourced locally.

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Canobie Station is located 200km north of Cloncurry, in the Gulf Region. The property  is a breeding station running predominantly Brahman cattle.

The Cloncurry River runs through the property which provides permanent water. Canobie has a good mixture of black soils and lighter red country, and the properties Alcala and Lyrian Downs are operated as part of the Canobie aggregation.

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Carrum Station is a breeding property for the composite bull breeding program, located in the Gulf Group, 26 kilometres south of Julia Creek.

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Dalgonally Station is located, 80km north of Julia Creek and in close proximity to Carrum Station. The property is a growing out station for cattle from the breeding stations. Dalgonally runs predominantly Brahman cattle.


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Glentana is located in the Central/Southern/Channels Queensland Group and is located 100km west of Springsure.

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Goonoo is a feedlot, backgrounding and farming property straddling the Comet River in Central Queensland. It is located 65km from Emerald. 

It is primarily used for company-bred cattle and produces large volumes of consistent quality assured cattle for international and domestic markets.

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Headingly Station, near Urandangie, is located in the Barkly Group, 200km south west of Mount Isa. The property is a breeding station running predominantly Santa Gertrudis cattle. 

Headingly Station is situated on the Georgina River and comprises mainly open black soil downs country with areas of timbered country (mainly Gidyea) scattered throughout.

Headingly Station is made up of three leases - Headingly (1916), Wolgra (1965), and Carandotta (1985).

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South Galway is located in the heart of Channel Country, 400km south west of Longreach or 1,300km north west of Brisbane by road. Situated on Coopers Creek, it is a part of what is regarded as some of the best natural fattening country in the world.

The property is a growing out station, running predominantly Santa Gertrudis steers.

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Wondoola is 130km south of Normanton, 480km north east of Mount Isa, and 700km west of Cairns. The property is a breeding station running predominantly Brahman cattle, with all steers shifted off to the growing out areas.

Wondoola is situated between the Saxby and Flinders Rivers systems with flat open downs country. 

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Wylarah is located in the Central Queensland group, 15 km from Surat, the nearest service town, and 450km west of Brisbane, Queensland. The aggregation is made up of six properties; Wylarah, Cadny Downs, Talavera, Newington, Borah and Didgeridoo.

Wylarah's purpose is the breeding of the Westholme Wagyu herd to produce full blood bulls for the AACo Commercial herds, and to produce feeder steers for the Master Kobe brand. The property also breeds elite animals for the multiplier composite herds in the north, and acts as a backgrounding property for commercial Wagyu destined for Aronui Feedlot, Dalby.

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