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AACo's strategy is to own and operate vertically integrated and diversified agribusiness operations while applying innovative business practices and technology to achieve long term productivity gains.

This strategy was implemented as a turnaround strategy in early 2010 with the commencement of David Farley in the role of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, returning the AACo Group into profitability in 2011.

Our operations and strategic initiatives are aligned to meet current market demand and the developing opportunities presented by three broad global thematics in the developing world: large population growth, increasing urbanisation and growing incomes as a consequence of GDP expansion.

Our primary asset and source of value remains the size and unique nature of our agricultural land holdings paired with the quality and productivity of our cattle herd.

We add value to these properties through targeted development and implementation of land use strategies aimed to maximise return on working capital through weight gain and calf production.

Growing demand from external markets is met through leadership in the live cattle trade and value-adding with AACo's Beef marketing operations, including high value Wagyu prime cuts. The shift to higher-protein diets in developing countries supports higher demand and prices for beef over the coming decade.

We are pursuing initiatives for development of industry and export trade, including the development of a state-of-the-art meat processing facility in the Northern Territory and sourcing cattle from suppliers throughout Northern Australia. Additionally, our executive team is focused on continued development of farming operations producing primarily irrigated cotton and grain crops.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our strategy, targeting improved productivity of assets and operations.

We also collaborate closely with Universities and the Australian CSIRO, to marry the latest science with 190 years of agricultural experience.